Friday, July 15, 2016

that one time taboo from the black eyed peas tried to "put me in my place "

so tonight was a secret black eyed peas show.i assumed fergie would be there but she wasn't(yes i know they only added her to get famous
) . bep isn't my scene but I figured why not, they have a couple of good songs. i'm standing in the front row watching will i am. taboo grabs my arm and turns me around so that I look at him(unfortunately this isn't the first time that has happened at a concert ). i HATE strangers touching me and do a fake smile so he will go away.i wonder if it's rude if I just leave but the crowd was packed and I was enjoying myself despite fergie not being there .

will i am says brown lives matter , then all lives matter and my crush on him disappears . taboo decides he wants to talk so I continue to be friendly despite feeling uncomfortable with his attention and he figures he needs to "put me in my place ". i'm not going to repeat what happened but it was uncalled for. what was my crime ? not giving him attention ? being dressed modestly ? or my biggest sin, being a black woman in public ?

it caught me off guard because bullying like that usually comes from black male celebrities .i guess hes hung out so long with will i am that he thinks he is an honorary negro. i'm minding my own ,not saying a word and it makes them incensed ! it's never one on one and they always need a crowd to back them up .i'm not even going to say what happened those other times either but it was pretty bad and not something a normal person could easily get over .

afterwards my "friends" ran up to tell me how hilarious him bullying me was and it reminded me how black women aren't supposed to have feelings .at no point did anyone defend me or ask if I were ok. like everyone else I was there to have a good time but instead i was humiliated and disrespected for no reason . again ,i should be used to it by now but I am not. sad part is, i'm sure he made even more fans by doing that .

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