Sunday, October 9, 2016

nick cannon grown and sexy halloween masquerade ball

now I knew Nick Cannon would be filming this party for VH1 (it will air on halloween).i had been paid many years ago to attend one of his other events and decided to go to this one(for free) even though I think he is cute but corny.  i've been to plenty of reality tv parties, i show up and everyone is on break because the camera wasn't rolling.this is not a good sign. the "partygoers" are outside sitting on the sidewalk smoking in formalwear and nick is at the dj booth not playing music.ok.

one of the white female crew members grabs me and starts yelling orders. i guess she thought I was an extra so I ignored that. she should be thankful i am trying to be nonviolent. i see empty bottles stacked up but no one has a drink. i ask her where the real bar is and she is offended.

"we are shooting a tv show ,there is no alcohol on set!"

lol, really? i've been on plenty of sets(reality and "real" productions) where alcohol and illegal substances were handed out by the crew so I knew she was a moron and I needed to go. i was there less than 3 minutes though that is not a record for me

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