Wednesday, November 15, 2017

magical maca root

maca root is like a fake estrogen and what trannies take when they cannot afford hormones. i've been taking 2 a day for less than a week & i've already seen a difference. my waistline looks smaller & my face looks fatter. i will measure again later. my period came 2 days after i started & even that was different.this should be very interesting.

months later:
i was going to write a really in depth review but since this blog isn't paying my rent {kanye shrug}.


i took 2.5 bottles and my waist was 2 inches bust/hips grew 5 inches.i did not eat any more than usual,in fact i was eating breasts went from a small c to over a dd(which is not what I wanted and really bummed me out).my shape was insane but I don't want to take maca for the rest of my life so I stopped.all the progress went away but the extra weight boobs continue to grow {insert crying emoji here}

Sunday, November 12, 2017

negro green book

back in the day there used to be a guide for jim crow era black people telling them what businesses they would be welcomed in. the laws were changed and the racism remained, hidden in plain sight. pretty amazing almost 100 years later and still having the same ignorant,racist problems with airbnb. i thought of making a modern day green book but it was too depressing.

anyhoo, pre integration there were plenty of black owned businesses.once we were made equal (lmfao) "the white mans ice was colder" and those businesses were abandoned. black women are now again starting small businesses in record numbers with very little help from banks or customers.

i'm not even going to go into the abuse i've had to deal with while running my own small business,the incessant begging for discounts and being called a stupid n!gger when I declined or how those rude insulting emails stopped once i switched my profile picture to a blonde white woman......

there is a new black owned business directory and white people are losing their minds. funny because if black people didn't want to work they would still be just as angry.the directory is called "black wall street" and I wonder if they did that on purpose.the original black wall street was destroyed by angry, jealous white people and (of course) never rebuilt.unfortunately I was reading the comments on a white website called ruined my night so I decided to pass it on :-).

"What kind of discrimination/racism am I seeing here? If it was a ‘white directory’ you would have described it as the worst thing in the world and you would have called to burn this idea and boycott every business that was on that list."

isn't every directory a white one ?

"The reality is it’s created to perpetuate racism and segregation based upon separation. Shameful."

lol. paying reparations for slavery and the racism/discrimination that is still happening now is shameful? weird considering the US government paid reparations to the japanese comfort women and jewish holocaust survivors.i'm not a history expert but i'm pretty sure we were not the ones running the concentration camps

"Ill download this app and make sure anytime i go to a black business they arent on the list or ill spit on their floor and leave :) :)"

typical white people behavior. not everything is about or even for you.if you disagree about supporting black businesses then don' need to be a caveman.i remember reading last year of a black woman running a restaurant and how people refused to go there after they found out (and no it wasn't a third world country it was in england)

"Self-segregation by any group is a step backwards for racial equality."

and yet whites and others do it ALL THE people are so forgiving and welcoming, notice all those "invited to the cookout" jokes yet every other race bends over backwards to exclude us

again i have to wonder,why would you not want black businesses to succeed?imagine the horror if there wasn't a permanent black underclass or {GASP!}the demise of white supremacy. god forbid  you might actually have to use talent or intelligence to get ahead instead of your skin color............. i am tired and this reverse racism nonsense is making my head hurt

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

drink the kool-aid

for many years i complained that I wasn't invited to an upscale halloween event.i got an invitation this year to a costume party thrown by millionaires and a member of the aristocracy.i went to the dentist for another root canal, then sauntered to the mcdowells pop up restaurant. later my costume hung unworn on my closet door and I stayed at home to watch american horror story: cult.

now i knew this was coming so it should not have been so shocking. evan peters as jim jones is on the screen. black people are dying and my stomach starts to hurt.the scene looks too familiar.this post really should start when I was a teenager and barely listened to the rambling adventures of my father."Lee Harvey", had an amazing life (think auntie mame set in the 1970s with more heroin and a stronger pimp hand).one of these stories involved his bff jim and how everybody thought jim was a cool cat because he was one of the few white people to treat them with respect. or the other story about how jim asked "Lee Harvey" to help make a paradise in the jungle aka jonestown.

when I was younger i would watch every jonestown documentary,read every book but now it's too painful.what started as a cool story to tell my friends turned into the tragedy it has always been. the "drink the koolaid" jokes that were never funny now upset me.i think of all those innocent women and children who were killed for no good reason and the fact that the only reason my father survived to tell the tale was a little twist of fate,the only luck he ever had.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

blind item: who killed that rapper and why

this happened when I was a child but someone in the know told me that huge rapper was killed because he dumped his one hit wonder mistress (if you can call that a hit).she was upset such an unattractive man didn't want her so called his enemies and told them where to find him.she will soon spend the rest of her life in prison for other crimes

Friday, October 27, 2017

at home with amy sedaris tv show review

amy sedaris has been a fool for decades. i am obsessed with her book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People and although I saw the movie still haven't watched the entire Strangers with Candy series. anyhoo amy is funny as hell and "at home with amy sedaris" does not disappoint. i was literally crying laughing at the end of the first episode.

Monday, October 16, 2017


as usual i am minding my own business when I hear some mexican teenage boys yelling towards my window.


they are laughing and screaming,i guess trying to get my attention.i have never talked to these boys (i didn't even talk to teen boys when I was a teenager) so I have no idea why they want to bother me.adults pass and say nothing. they stand in front of a business yelling, harassing me. the man behind the counter does nothing.

my neighbor ,abuelo, comes out drunk as usual,asses the situation , and starts to really yell my name.i wonder if he does it because he thinks it is helping or because he is trying to be racist like the boys.i pay them all dust.

later on i politely ask abuelos family to stop disrespecting me(a different issue but it is all due to racism). abuelos son in law tells me i am acting like an angry black woman stereotype.son in law is 5'3, covered in prison tattoos (i have yet to see him in a shirt and very doubtful if he owns any), pregnant stomach, with 6 kids.they all live in a small 1 bedroom apartment and have multiple dogs that they let poop in the one has a job and the only money comes from abuelo & abuela digging through the garbage. but I am the stereotype?..............

one of the able bodied(yet non working and not trying to finish high school) sons said that I needed to show them more people are always told to turn the other cheek no matter what.before i had ever said a word to any of them they called me all sorts of n!gger whores but i'm supposed to be the bigger person always and let the disrespect and racism fall off my back .it pains them to see me doing something positive with my life.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

blind item: the pass around

i've always had a soft spot in my heart for this actress even though she almost married my first love.she had a horrific,abusive childhood and covers it up with a bad girl facade. her director ex boyfriend decided to use her as payment to get a movie made but of course forgot to tell her that.the man in charge raped her(again?) but the movie was never filmed.the boss has also been sleeping with americas newest blonde sweetheart (yes those fappening pix were for him not her boyfriend) and damn near any famous actress under 30.all his dirt will be coming out soon

eta:i forgot about the late 1990s "notorious" blonde "it girl" that the big boss man praised then raped. she was everywhere until he paid her for damages....

Thursday, September 28, 2017

the Beguiled

i'm not a fan of sofia coppola(though i loved marie antoinette).her movies are boring and filled with bland blondes so I can see why melanin deficient people would like them.i LOVED the original Beguiled and it will be hard for cute colin farrell to out sexy clint eastwood in his prime. i'm slightly glad she cut out the female slave character.sofia seems like the type who has never had a non white friend and only thinks of poc as stereotypes she saw on tv 20 years ago.

i stan hard for nicole kidman, kirsten dunst, and colin but I already feel like this is going to be dry and drawn out and I haven't even pressed play yet.i don't understand the point of remaking great movies......

i wonder why colin is using an irish accent instead of a fake southern one.5 minutes in and i'm already bored.the day lighting is pissing me off.i get that in real life it would be that dark but this is a movie with 800 blonde white women who are too similar and I can't tell who is looks like nicole got rid of some of the bad plastic if she'd only dye her hair red and go back to being perfect.c'mon nicole pull that towel down so we all see what colin is working with!

colin is such a silver tongue devil but I feel like this should have been filmed a decade ago for it to work with the older cast.i'm not too fond of the young actresses and elle fanning has such a punchable, awkward face.i wonder why tptb decided she should be the next new thing.

circa 1990s ewan mcgregor or glen powell now would have been perfect as john.colin looks too tired /old.i don't believe that lonely women would still fight or kill for him.he's charming but not that charming.don't get me wrong,colin is sexy and a talented actor but something is missing.

without the black character it's easier to see that the beguiled is really about the duplicity of white women .pretty shady since i'm sure sofia thought it would be a love letter to white femininity.i might have to look up the original authors other books

Monday, September 25, 2017

I is famous now

I don't know why having my halloween costume pizza dress on hellogiggles is making me crack up so much.yesterday some random emailed me and begged for free clothes in exchange for "exposure". i've finally been discovered :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

who benefits from sanctuary cities?

short answer: not the majority of american citizens.i have no problem with immigrants LEGALLY coming here to make a better life for themselves but there are real reasons why the laws are in place.amerikkka stays with its foot on black citizens necks yet we are supposed to turn a blind eye to actual criminals?

before I begin my ramble,do not assume i voted for drumpf or believe in maga. america was never great(trail of tears? slavery? jim crow? GI bill but only for white soldiers? segregation? war on drugs but only if done by minorities ?), so let's move on.

the only people defending illegal immigrants are millionaires and middle class and higher white people who don't have to live near them. they do it because it doesn't affect them negatively. the millionaires use them for cheap labor to undercut american employees (how dare you want overtime and workers compensation!) and the others hire them as cheap gardeners/maids then pat themselves on the back for not being racist (lolz). black people, the lower classes, and illegal immigrants are encouraged to fight for the crumbs while millionaires fuel the fights. don't you find it odd how the laws are being changed to coddle certain races of criminals while police officers get off scott free after killing innocent black citizens? i know i do.

since I live in los angeles the illegal aliens are mostly mexican so that is what I will focus on but this is not about race. in boston it is illegal irish and other places it is the haitians, italians, or indians.whatever - because the outcome is the same. los angeles spent $2 billion in tax money for welfare to illegal aliens. billion with a b and pretty sure it was just la county not the entire state.let that sink in. billions given to people who should not even be here.we can't afford to make sure every AMERICAN citizen can go to college, have affordable housing, healthy food, medical insurance, or properly take care of our mentally ill but we have billions to waste on them.

i think about how we had to share some textbooks in school or the class room that didn't have enough desks so some had to sit on the floor (eventually those kids stopped coming to class).i remember roaches in the school cafeteria and leaking roofs.too bad there was no money to help us children.

today I step over the homeless sleeping on the sidewalk.years ago they passed a law to make that legal.too bad there is no money for more shelters and mental hospitals.the homeless population increased over 30% but I guess we are supposed to ignore that.

there was also a new law so that any amount of people can live in an apartment.10 in a 1 bedroom is fine and make sure you have 2 dogs for company.i know i don't have to explain who benefits from's diabolical and pretty genius if you think about it.less need for affordable housing or higher wages when you can legally cram 20 mexicans into an apartment and charge them $800 each.

i don't see any of this improving even in 20 years when mexicans are the majority and are made into honorary whites like the irish and italians before them.