Wednesday, November 30, 2016

the fuzz 2014

as usual i went in completely ignorant as to what The Fuzz was about and ended up laughing my ass off. it's like Beverly Hills Cop plus New Jack City but with puppets.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

the lady dj

you may think it's odd that such a nontalented person is an in demand dj but it has nothing to do with looks or skill. she is so popular because it is all a front for drug trafficking

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


my neighbors are very loud and annoying.i can easily hear them when we are all inside our apartments. none of the walls are shared so I shouldn't hear anything.

a fat boy around 11 who never wears a shirt and leaves a trail of chips everywhere he goes.he asks his mother if he can go to his friends house .

mom: bitch where does he live?
fat kid: i don't know
mom: bitch you need to contact me.where does he live?
fat kid: i don't know
mom: bitch you need to have your ass back here in an hour or i'll come find your ass
fat kid: ok mom

i grew up in the projects,the worst part of town in the entire city. never have i seen people who act in such a horrible way.i never even had to call the police on a regular basis until I moved here.i don't understand the point of having children only to mistreat them and set them up for failure.

she goes on dates and leaves the kids alone all night. sometimes they ask if she has to go or begs her to stay.the kids leave the door unlocked for her.i'm sure they dream of the day they grow up and have their own one bedroom apartment with 7 people living in it

Friday, November 18, 2016

CB2 Afterhours LA with Mark Ronson

so i've had a crush on Mark Ronson since forever. his sister samantha gave me the googly eyes a couple of times but unfortunately I am VERY straight. i went to the party and my only goal was to make out with Mark Ronson. he was awkward but his thighs were calling me(still regret not seeing his bottom but i'm sure i can imagine what an english white guys azz looks like). someone said that he was married and that made me frown.

about 12 people came up and said i looked amazing but the D owns a mirror so I wasn't surprised. mark never said it so I frowned some more.i have another sexy european millionaire on deck so don't cry for moi just yet. i ended up taking some OOTD pix but since this blog doesn't pay the bills they can wait{kanye shrug}.

yesterday I was thinking "why haven't i seen simon rex lately?" and lo and behold he came up to my future husband mark to say hello. simon is another old crush despite the pron and terrible blonde hair dye.

mark played a lot of rap/classic r and b but the place was 99% white and it always disturbs me to see white people dancing to rap.i'm pretty open minded but white people getting "crunk" always gets a no from me.i was wasted and it was time to go home

Thursday, November 17, 2016

story time: stone temple pilots edition

i remember the first time I saw this stone temple pilots music video and being MESMERIZED by scott weilands bulge in those terrible green pants.i still can't believe he died before we got married. i ended up meeting the drummer Eric Kretz(who incidentally was my 2nd pick of hotties in stp). the bar/restaurant was completely empty and he was sitting in a booth alone. lemmy kilmeister literally dragged me through the room(i guess he saw the way we were staring at each other). maybe next time,blondie ...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

my abortion is not your business

i was reading this blog post and it was all the reasons why white women voted for president camacho(yeah i went there). the main reason (after racism and the fear that minorities will treat them like they treat minorities) was abortion rights as in they don't think you should have them.

i was talking to a pro life idiot and I asked her if she'd get an abortion if she were raped.

pro life idiot: "of course"
me: "so what if other women get raped, should they be able to get a legal abortion?"
pro life idiot: insert rant about how other women are slutty and deserve rape with the added punishment of raising an unwanted kid

of course there are ways we CAN make them less common if we offer alternatives, like contraception and education but you don’t want that either. the flying spaghetti monster says pre marital sex is bad but your 6 live in boyfriends don't count.

here's the deal,i've never had an abortion and probably never will but whether or not i have a baby is none of your business. nothing about what goes on about my vagina is your business. you people care SO much about a fetus yet don't care at all about the mother and born child. having children should not be a punishment and do you really think unwanted and abused children grow up to be model citizens? no. no they don't. some like me rise above but the majority of them never get over it. there is a good reason why the crime rate went down 20 years after roe vs wade but i'm sure the majority of you who voted for a man who admitted he molested women, was racist, and didn't pay his taxes are not smart enough to figure out why.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

the lure 2015 film review

the afi festival is going on and there were only 2 movies i was interested in seeing , "la la land" and "The Lure". i was SUPER excited, a horror musical about killer 1980s mermaids??? i really don't know if the problem was a bad translation or a bad script. i get its fantasy but even fantasy movies need to make sense.

the 2 mermaids were nude 98% of the time while the men didn't even go shirtless. i won't give away too much but the "mermaid vagine" shots almost made me lose my breakfast.

the director  Agnieszka SmoczyƄska had a q and a afterwards with one of the mermaids but I had a migraine by then and went shopping instead. i would love to see this again with a better translation and different editing,it has so much potential to be a great campy movie like a polish Hedwig and the Angry Inch or Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

white trash on election night

right now i'm reading the book White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America and I find it funny how now hundreds of years later white trash are still voting against their best interests to keep minorities/poor people down(instead of joining us to overthrow the unfair system that only benefits wealthy whites).

i saw this whole election as a joke.why would you shoot yourself in the foot to spite someone else? donald trump is obviously not a morally good person and has been failing in business for decades.the only reason he has money now is due to the reality show and using mexican/3rd world labor to manufacture the clothes he sells.i hear idiots say he will bring back jobs to the usa but how can that be when his own products are still made overseas?

i knew that america was filled with racist morons(i'm pointing my finger at all races so don't feel left out) but I never thought THIS many were pro trump. all latinx(and to a lesser extent other poc) who voted for him are so self hating and should be ashamed.was this what your ancestors struggled and died for? i try not to get political here or talk about the racism i receive every day (believe me i could post about racism multiple times daily) but this has gone too far.

i might update this thoughts are all over the place

11/9/2016: i was reminded of a conversation i had with a white friend months ago.he said there was no way trump would be president because white people weren't that racist, stupid, and misogynistic.i laughed and said that I wished i could be so ignorant of the world around me. i had been pretty hopeful for the future but that is gone. obama benefited the lgbt and next year it will be back to the usual ie reverse affirmative action. another old conversation with a white woman and she asked me when I thought black people would finally get equal rights and equal treatment.i said "not in my lifetime". not to be bitter but I hope it was all worth it.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

La Cage aux Folles II

La Cage Aux Folles II is the funniest movie i have seen in years,even better than the first one .it makes you wonder why they wasted time and effort on that unfunny disneyfied mess The Birdcage. Michel Serrault is perfection as zaza

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lucky Brand Spring 2017 Cocktail Party

so the Lucky Brand  clothes were ok(everything was just SO 1994)but i really liked the embroidered hippie denim and fake vintage KISS band and Jack Daniel's t-shirts. too bad they were only giving away embroidered bandanas and kept running out of thread? i stood in line and got nothing. Kate Bosworth breezed past the hoi polloi(to talk business?) with some men in suits. she's very pretty but is only getting modeling jobs because she is white. the girl is 5'3 at best.

98% sure i was talking to McLovin but he had a fake german accent. whatever. his body looked INCREDIBLE and had he not brought a horse faced blonde we would have probably made out. oh well, Christopher Mintz-Plasse knows where to find me now.

about 6 people came up and said i was best dressed at the party but we already knew that.a band started playing(i refuse to even use google to figure out their name).the sound was bland maroon 5 pop and the cute lead singer kept singing to of the guys in the audience said he had a crush and it was very embarrassing(for a person who never gets embarrassed). I  had 5 jack daniels cocktails plus 1 glass of wine and was still not drunk so I knew it was time to go home