Monday, February 19, 2018

imitation of life

i dont regret doing "rock of love" but its not something that i think or talk the grand scheme of my life it was nothing.others got "fame", "fortune", & rich husbands afterwards while i got illegal immigrant neighbors calling me a n!gger after they eat my garbage. 'tis life i guess.

today i got a message from a random who thought i remembered him(i did not).his job was to get the ROL girls work afterwards. every acting job i got before & after "rock of love" was due to my hard work & extreme effort. nobody ever lifted a finger to help me in any way(i was even blacklisted but that is another story for another time). of course,i never made a dime from him & pretty sure this was the first time we ever talked.he said that i was "too weird" to get any work through him(but of course not too weird to fvck).i didnt ask what he meant by "too weird", i'm guessing that was a polite way of saying i didnt fit into any stereotypical boxes.that might have been my biggest "problem".i mean who would want to watch a reality show about a black woman who wasnt a racist caricature?  madness

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

happy valentine's day to the talk show host

this talk show hostess is taking the day off tomorrow & everybody assumes its because she wants to make sure her husband is with her & not his mistress. yes, she is totally the type to do that but that is not what is going on this time.

she will be spending the day at the doctor to treat the aftereffects of decades long drug abuse. her mystery illness will only last a day like her producer already announced. early onset alzheimers is a b!tch but hopefully she can get it together & continue to dish the dirt

Thursday, February 1, 2018

he killed his wife part deux

part un
i havent read the newest articles yet but i hope she will finally have justice. this has been an open secret since forever

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

i, tonya

i always had a soft spot for tonya harding. yeah she was violent & angry but i understood why.if she'd been prettier her life would have been much easier(despite being a poor redneck). people stood in her way because she wasnt small & helpless, tonya wasnt feminine, she was a real athlete, she wanted to win & she was going to win.i've been excited ever since i heard they were filming i,tonya , margot robbie is my favorite, & allison janney is amazing as usual.

tonya harding was so full of wasted talent & potential & now she is a joke.i dont find it funny.even if half of the abuse stuff in the movie wasnt true she never had a chance.

i, tonya is a good movie & i recommend it.the best part is the end where they show the real tonya skating & her real mother lavona.

Friday, December 22, 2017

call me by your name

i was way too excited when i first heard about this movie(anything involving my future husband armie hammer scantily clad & i am there hunty). they kind of lost me when they said they digitally removed his balls from some scenes where his shorts were too short(do you NOT want to make money because this is how you dont get azzes into the seats). anyhoo. despite that, i am watching Call Me by Your Name tonight.

the beginning is too slow & i dont care about the playing hard to get nonsense.everybody was going on & on about how timothee chalamet is the best new actor ever but i dont see it.i havent read the book "call me by your name" so i dont know if his character is supposed to be unattractive but that plus him looking 14 is a HUGE turn off.i get that armie is the sexy older man but this isnt the bbc so they could have cast a better looking teen actor #sorrynotsorry...........

its 9pm & i feel like this is going to take all night to finish.that is not a good sign for a 2 hour movie.

4 hours later & i've finally finished it :-(. it wasnt romantic or sexy or sad or interesting.i cannot recommend this movie at all.spoiler alert: its the same old same old "trapped in the closet so i'm going to marry a woman & ruin HER life & eventually our childrens childhoods" nonsense.

Monday, December 11, 2017


lord knows i cannot stand matt damon so its incredible that i accepted the invitation to see his new movie "downsizing".i went into it as ignorant as usual with no idea of the plot or actors involved. it was produced by alexander payne who directed one of my favorite movies "election".

the plot is basically in order to save money & live like millionaires, matt has to get a shrinking surgery. the first part of the movie is VERY depressing & kristen wiig is only in 5 minutes. was she edited out or was a small cameo the plan all along?who knows. anyway, do not go because you think its going to be her isnt.

the movie soley belongs to hong chau who is an AMAZINGLY talented actress capable of making you cry then making you laugh in a matter of seconds.of course the only reason why you do not know her name but have been force fed matt damon for decades is due to white supremacy but hopefully this movie will change that.gilfs christolph waltz & udo keir also have small roles. as much as i hate to admit it,this is a good movie(excluding damon) and i highly recommend it

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

magical maca root

maca root is like a fake estrogen and what trannies take when they cannot afford hormones. i've been taking 2 a day for less than a week & i've already seen a difference. my waistline looks smaller & my face looks fatter. i will measure again later. my period came 2 days after i started & even that was different.this should be very interesting.

months later:
i was going to write a really in depth review but since this blog isn't paying my rent {kanye shrug}.


i took 2.5 bottles and my waist was 2 inches bust/hips grew 5 inches.i did not eat any more than usual,in fact i was eating breasts went from a small c to over a dd(which is not what I wanted and really bummed me out).my shape was insane but I don't want to take maca for the rest of my life so I stopped.all the progress went away but the extra weight boobs continue to grow {insert crying emoji here}

Sunday, November 12, 2017

negro green book

back in the day there used to be a guide for jim crow era black people telling them what businesses they would be welcomed in. the laws were changed and the racism remained, hidden in plain sight. pretty amazing almost 100 years later and still having the same ignorant,racist problems with airbnb. i thought of making a modern day green book but it was too depressing.

anyhoo, pre integration there were plenty of black owned businesses.once we were made equal (lmfao) "the white mans ice was colder" and those businesses were abandoned. black women are now again starting small businesses in record numbers with very little help from banks or customers.

i'm not even going to go into the abuse i've had to deal with while running my own small business,the incessant begging for discounts and being called a stupid n!gger when I declined or how those rude insulting emails stopped once i switched my profile picture to a blonde white woman......

there is a new black owned business directory and white people are losing their minds. funny because if black people didn't want to work they would still be just as angry.the directory is called "black wall street" and I wonder if they did that on purpose.the original black wall street was destroyed by angry, jealous white people and (of course) never rebuilt.unfortunately I was reading the comments on a white website called ruined my night so I decided to pass it on :-).

"What kind of discrimination/racism am I seeing here? If it was a ‘white directory’ you would have described it as the worst thing in the world and you would have called to burn this idea and boycott every business that was on that list."

isn't every directory a white one ?

"The reality is it’s created to perpetuate racism and segregation based upon separation. Shameful."

lol. paying reparations for slavery and the racism/discrimination that is still happening now is shameful? weird considering the US government paid reparations to the japanese comfort women and jewish holocaust survivors.i'm not a history expert but i'm pretty sure we were not the ones running the concentration camps

"Ill download this app and make sure anytime i go to a black business they arent on the list or ill spit on their floor and leave :) :)"

typical white people behavior. not everything is about or even for you.if you disagree about supporting black businesses then don' need to be a caveman.i remember reading last year of a black woman running a restaurant and how people refused to go there after they found out (and no it wasn't a third world country it was in england)

"Self-segregation by any group is a step backwards for racial equality."

and yet whites and others do it ALL THE people are so forgiving and welcoming, notice all those "invited to the cookout" jokes yet every other race bends over backwards to exclude us

again i have to wonder,why would you not want black businesses to succeed?imagine the horror if there wasn't a permanent black underclass or {GASP!}the demise of white supremacy. god forbid  you might actually have to use talent or intelligence to get ahead instead of your skin color............. i am tired and this reverse racism nonsense is making my head hurt

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

drink the kool-aid

for many years i complained that I wasn't invited to an upscale halloween event.i got an invitation this year to a costume party thrown by millionaires and a member of the aristocracy.i went to the dentist for another root canal, then sauntered to the mcdowells pop up restaurant. later my costume hung unworn on my closet door and I stayed at home to watch american horror story: cult.

now i knew this was coming so it should not have been so shocking. evan peters as jim jones is on the screen. black people are dying and my stomach starts to hurt.the scene looks too familiar.this post really should start when I was a teenager and barely listened to the rambling adventures of my father."Lee Harvey" had an amazing life (think auntie mame set in the 1970s with more heroin and a stronger pimp hand).one of these stories involved his bff jim and how everybody thought jim was a cool cat because he was one of the few white people to treat them with respect. or the other story about how jim asked "Lee Harvey" to help make a paradise in the jungle aka jonestown.

when I was younger i would watch every jonestown documentary,read every book but now it's too painful.what started as a cool story to tell my friends turned into the tragedy it has always been. the "drink the koolaid" jokes that were never funny now upset me.i think of all those innocent women and children who were killed for no good reason and the fact that the only reason my father survived to tell the tale was a little twist of fate,the only luck he ever had.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

blind item: who killed that rapper and why

this happened when I was a child but someone in the know told me that huge rapper was killed because he dumped his one hit wonder mistress (if you can call that a hit).she was upset such an unattractive man didn't want her so called his enemies and told them where to find him.she will soon spend the rest of her life in prison for other crimes