Wednesday, April 4, 2018

the dallas show! starring dallas harrison

got an email today from a production company asking if i wanted my own reality show.they told me to send the contact info for whoever i picked to be my costar.i thought for a second then i deleted that email.its actually pretty amazing how many "friends" i it hollywood or is it the natural horribleness of humans?i dont know.

i was thisclose to typing in a name before i realized that i would be helping people who would not do the same for doesnt even bother me that i would be losing out too.oh goal was never to be on tv

Friday, March 23, 2018

blind item: america's dad likes to play

i am shook as the kids say.i always assumed this beloved actor was pretty close to scandals except his fame loving wife & wigger son. anyhoo, america's dad was having an affair with a snow white type for years.she is a plain jane who(to me) looks like a volleyball wearing a wig but obviously he loved it. he was the producer of her tv show & i guess thats how they met. its a random pairing for me, even his lovers are boring

Friday, March 16, 2018

elvis and nixon

now i've had a crush on michael shannon for a while & lord knows i love the king so i dont know how i missed this. despite having kevin spacey ,(who always seemed creepy to me) its a pretty good cast filled with the prettiest of boys.

first impression: michael in that bouffant elvis wig is everything.of course he looks nothing like him but i'd watch michael shannon do anything. bubba ho tep is probably the best "elvis" movie but i'm not even 5 minutes into this one............

alex pettyfer is gorgeous yet looks like a thumb in that wig.what kind of sorcery? all the wigs are so cheap looking.its cute how all the girls squeal when elvis walks into a room.thats a nice touch. michael is so funny & talented,he should act more often.he was AMAZING on "at home with amy sedaris",it was my favorite episode.

colin hanks is such a cutie & looks more & more like his pappy the older he gets. evan peters is looking wide & tired.maybe he is eating his feelings from all the alleged domestic abuse? final thoughts: its a cute movie but not worth watching. michael shannon is wearing sunglasses throughout most of the film & covering up his expressive eyes.the script was ok but we all know how the story ends

Sunday, March 11, 2018

blind item: the thots killed the other thot

so none of these people are really famous,i just thought the story was interesting.this blonde instagram "model" was 30 but looked 45 due to bad genetics & even worse plastic surgery.she hung out with some bottom feeders: a casting director/pimp who worked for a used to be huge pron magazine, & her 2 fellow "models"/prostitutes with equally bad plastic surgery.

the casting director would never hire me for his paid or non nude projects but made sure to call me when he had unpaid work.i swiftly blocked him.she died after they had broken up but magically turned into his fiance postmortem,this "millionaire" who loved her so much yet had to beg for money to bury her. he kept posting all this RIP stuff about the model on his website with her lingerie pix(i guess she had no decent pictures to post) & when friends would ask how she died he was completely's what happened.

the 2 other "models" decided that it was hilarious to watch the blonde getting high & egged her on to do more drugs.her low self esteem said it was a good idea & she had an overdose in that infamous mansion/brothel. they took her home so that the owners would not get in trouble, put her in bed, then called the authorities after the drugs were out of their systems. of course the other "models" didnt contribute to the funeral nor did they attend but posted lots of RIP stuff & lingerie pix to their websites as well.

i heard that the actual (pregnant at the time but got an abortion later)girlfriend of the casting director was with the "models" telling the blonde that she needed more drugs/alcohol.funny enough i was at a party where he made the blonde play 2nd fiddle to the new gf.i remember the vibe being VERY weird but i had no idea what was going on. there was a LOT of horrific plastic surgery, rich unattractive men over 50, & young women wearing shirts as dresses.

Friday, February 23, 2018

satc blind item

this actor is usually considered "the one that got away" on sex and the city.his character was the male version of her character & people wonder why they broke up.turns out in real life she might have had him written off the show. this thespian thought it was hilarious to rub his erection on her during their love scenes.i can see why she doesnt want to reboot that tv show

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

heathers 2018 tv show review

now the original heathers is one of my favorite movies so i was p!ssed when i heard of this remake.there is absolutely no need to remake movies that are already good,you cannot improve upon perfection.that being said i am not too excited to see this new heathers at all.

first thought is Grace Victoria Cox who plays veronica is bland & boring.its like they cast the 1st white woman who walked in the room. not would have been great for nikki soohoo to play veronica instead of the asian nerd stereotype but oh well.i already feel like most of the casting is trash.i wont even comment on how most of the "teens" look 30 years old.

also i dont feel that the lead most popular heather would be plus size & unattractive even in our modern fatcentric times. fat & cute,maybe but definitely not butch & fug like they styled Melanie Field.i'm not even 10 minutes in & this is going in the wrong direction. the original was more about how horrible society was & this one is about how horrible fat heather's mean spirited towards her & seems a bit petty towards sjws. now that i'm thinking about it the name should've changed since this obviously was written by someone else & there would not be a million heathers in high school now. maybe "nevaehs" or "emmas".

its trying SOOOOOOO hard to be cool & i am cringing.i really hope fat heather is killed in the 1st episode & never comes back(ditto for veronica).this is painful.this show is weaksauce. i cant recommend it,not funny, not interesting,not even half as good as the original.

Monday, February 19, 2018

imitation of life

i dont regret doing "rock of love" but its not something that i think or talk the grand scheme of my life it was nothing.others got "fame", "fortune", & rich husbands afterwards while i got illegal immigrant neighbors calling me a n!gger after they eat my garbage. 'tis life i guess.

today i got a message from a random who thought i remembered him(i did not).his job was to get the ROL girls work afterwards. every acting job i got before & after "rock of love" was due to my hard work & extreme effort. nobody ever lifted a finger to help me in any way(i was even blacklisted but that is another story for another time). of course,i never made a dime from him & pretty sure this was the first time we ever talked.he said that i was "too weird" to get any work through him(but of course not too weird to fvck).i didnt ask what he meant by "too weird", i'm guessing that was a polite way of saying i didnt fit into any stereotypical boxes.that might have been my biggest "problem".i mean who would want to watch a reality show about a black woman who wasnt a racist caricature?  madness

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

happy valentine's day to the talk show host

this talk show hostess is taking the day off tomorrow & everybody assumes its because she wants to make sure her husband is with her & not his mistress. yes, she is totally the type to do that but that is not what is going on this time.

she will be spending the day at the doctor to treat the aftereffects of decades long drug abuse. her mystery illness will only last a day like her producer already announced. early onset alzheimers is a b!tch but hopefully she can get it together & continue to dish the dirt

Thursday, February 1, 2018

he killed his wife part deux

part un
i havent read the newest articles yet but i hope she will finally have justice. this has been an open secret since forever

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

i, tonya

i always had a soft spot for tonya harding. yeah she was violent & angry but i understood why.if she'd been prettier her life would have been much easier(despite being a poor redneck). people stood in her way because she wasnt small & helpless, tonya wasnt feminine, she was a real athlete, she wanted to win & she was going to win.i've been excited ever since i heard they were filming i,tonya , margot robbie is my favorite, & allison janney is amazing as usual.

tonya harding was so full of wasted talent & potential & now she is a joke.i dont find it funny.even if half of the abuse stuff in the movie wasnt true she never had a chance.

i, tonya is a good movie & i recommend it.the best part is the end where they show the real tonya skating & her real mother lavona.